Pulsar Chill Cat Artist Series Rig-Style Water Pipe - 10.5"" / 14mm F

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Experience the fusion of superior functionality and artistic finesse in the Pulsar Chill Cat Artist Series Rig-Style Water Pipe. Standing proudly at 10.5 inches tall, this impressive device is notably designed by the acclaimed artist Julian Akbar, featuring a unique and eye-catching Chill Cat design decal, making each use a visual delight. Equipped with a disc percolator, this rig-style body pipe promises an exceptionally smooth and optimized smoke immersion. Each package also includes a 14mm male herb slide complemented with a matching horn handle for convenience and flair. Step up your smoke game with this top-tier device, part of the exclusive Pulsar Artist Series. This vibrant piece sets a new standard in smoking sophistication, marrying exceptional design with unequaled performance.
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