Pulsar DabPadz Fabric Top Dab Mat / Drop Time / 8""

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Indulge in a unique experience with our Pulsar DabPadz Fabric Top Dab Mat, beautifully designed by the famous artist, Julian Akbar. It's not just a piece of art but also serves a purpose. This 8-inch round mat is specially created to safeguard your treasured dab rigs from potential breakage. Rough handling can often lead to unfortunate damage to your dab rigs. But worry no more, as this dab mat offers a brilliant solution. The mat is embedded with a shock-absorbent water pipe cushion which mitigates the impact, ensuring the longevity of your rig. The Pulsar DabPadz fabric top is screen-printed, presenting a visually captivating 'Drop Time' design. It compellingly adds a touch of elegance and artistry, all thanks to Julian Akbar's artistic vision. Moreover, this design belongs to the exclusive Pulsar Artist Series, augmenting the mat's uniqueness. Lastly, this product is manufactured by DabPadz, a trusted name in the market known for its commitment to quality and innovation. This round dab mat enables you to maintain your dab rig in unbeatable shape, all while adding a stylish addition to your setup.
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