Pulsar DabPadz Fabric Top Dab Mat / Kush Native / 8""

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Enjoy a superior dabbing experience with the Pulsar DabPadz Fabric Top Dab Mat. This 8" round-shaped mat is not just functional, but stylish too, with a captivating Kush Native design. Pulsar is known for quality, and this mat is no exception. Perfectly sized at an 8-inch diameter, your dab rig will sit securely on the shock-absorbent cushion. Any accidental drops or knocks will be absorbed, adding crucial protection to your water pipe. The top layer of the DabPadz is crafted with screen-printed fabric, presenting an appealing and durable finish. This Pulsar Design Series mat expertly combines function, protection, and style for your dab rig. Experience peace of mind and flawless functionality every time you use your Pulsar DabPadz Fabric Top Dab Mat.
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