Pulsar DabPadz Fabric Top Dab Mat / Star Reacher / 8""

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Keep your dab rig safe and secure with the Pulsar DabPadz Fabric Top Dab Mat in the entrancing Star Reacher design. This mat is not just a functional piece but a stylish addition to your smoking setup. Coming in at a substantial 8 inches in diameter, this round dab mat is purposely designed to give you plenty of room to work with. Crafted by DabPadz, known for their innovative and quality products, this mat is all about protection. It serves as a shock-absorbent cushion safeguarding your precious water pipe from any accidental knocks or drops. The round shape further ensures ample coverage for your treasured piece. The top fabric is screen-printed with the mesmerizing Star Reacher design, adding a unique and eye-catching style to your smoking experience. This is a part of Pulsar's respected Design Series- a collection recognized for its creativity and aesthetic appeal. Secure your dab rig in style with the Pulsar DabPadz Fabric Top Dab Mat, combining practicality and design excellence. It's more than an accessory; it's a necessity for any serious smoker.
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