Pulsar Delectable Donut Recycler Dab Rig Kit - 10.75""/14mm F / Colors Vary

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Introducing the Pulsar Delectable Donut Recycler Dab Rig Kit - standing tall at 10.75"" and boasting a 14mm F size. This eye-catching dab rig kit is skillfully designed to offer an enhanced smoking experience. The kit features a recycler style water pipe providing a smooth, filtered draw. An additional feature is its donut disc perc, another mechanism that adds to its fascinating design and aids in the overall process. Made using Borosilicate glass, a type known for its resistance to thermal shock, each piece brings a durable, sturdy, and lasting usage. The kit also includes a matching donut ball style carb cap, adding a dash of fun and style to your kit. To complement the entire ensemble, it arrives with a 14mm quartz banger - bringing efficiency and maintaining flavor during your usage. Please note, the colors do vary, and the kit is shipped based on stock availability. This Pulsar Delectable Donut Recycler Dab Rig Kit is simply an indulgence, offering functionality with a creative twist, ensuring you have the best experience possible.
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