Pulsar Diner Shake 3-in-1 Dab Rig - 7.25""/14mm F/Colors Vary

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Introducing the Pulsar Diner Shake 3-in-1 Dab Rig - a masterpiece of smoking efficiency and design. Standing at a perfect 7.25 inches tall, this device packs a lot of punch in a compact design. Its diner milkshake design lends a retro aesthetic twist, making it an eye-catching feature wherever it stands. Moreover, this innovative dab rig comes with a removable dab straw mouthpiece for easy cleaning and superior convenience. It also features a fixed downstem that efficiently filters and cools the smoke, delivering a smooth and potent hit each time. Crafted with robust and heat-resistant borosilicate glass, it ensures durability and longevity of use. Beyond that, the Pulsar Diner Shake comes complete with a 14mm male banger and a 14mm male herb slide, enhancing your smoking experience and ensuring versatility for all your herbal needs. Each Pulsar Diner Shake 3-in-1 Dab Rig boasts unique colors, making each piece a standout model in your collection. Please note, the Pulsar Diner Shake 3-in-1 Dab Rig is designed for legal herbal use only, and not for tobacco use. Trust this unique piece to become a staple in your smoking arsenal, offering both functionality and style in abundance.
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