Pulsar Donut Oil Rig - 6.25"" / Colors Vary

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Introducing the Pulsar Donut Oil Rig, a standout piece in any collection with its compact 6.25" design and 14mm female connection. Crafted with a fixed downstem for enhanced durability, it ensures smooth and consistent smoke flow for a top-notch smoking experience. Its standout feature is the uniquely designed donut-shaped perc chamber, offering not only aesthetic value but also facilitating optimal smoke filtration for a clean, flavorful draw. The oil rig is fitted with a high-quality quartz banger, renowned for incredible heat resistance and preserving the true flavors of your concentrate. Finally, the Pulsar Donut Oil Rig is available in an assortment of vibrant colors, although it's important to note that colors may vary. This piece exudes character, functionality, and high-end performance, essential for any cannabis connoisseur.
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