Pulsar Double Chamber Recycler Rig -10""/14mm F/Colors Vary

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Experience smooth, enjoyable herb sessions with the Pulsar Double Chamber Recycler Rig. This 10-inch equipment is not only a smart addition to your collection but also a stunning statement piece. Equipped with a 14mm female joint, it is designed to be a perfect fit for any cannabis enthusiast. The high-quality Pulsar Double Chamber Recycler Rig comes with a disc perc that diffuses your smoke and a quartz banger included for optimal functionality. This rig is strategically designed with two chambers, promising a robust, smooth, and pure hit every time. The extra filtration provided by the double chamber recycler guarantees a fresh and enjoyable experience, minus the harsh pull. Pulsar's well-crafted Recycler Rig is a guaranteed conversation starter with its varying colors and the renowned Pulsar branding. It seamlessly blends modern aesthetic with functional design, making it a must-have tool for any legal herb connoisseur. Please note: This product is intended exclusively for the use of legal herbs and is not suitable for tobacco consumption. Choose the Pulsar Double Chamber Recycler Rig and elevate your herbal enjoyment to a new high.
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