Pulsar Drinkable Beer Mug Dab Rig - 7.75""/14mm F/Clrs Vry

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Discover a unique way to enjoy your herbal blends with the Pulsar Drinkable Beer Mug Dab Rig. This ingenious creation successfully marries functionality and pleasure, standing at a comfortable height of 7.75 inches (19.7cm). Designed for those who appreciate a multi-functional approach to relaxation, this rig doubles as a functional beer mug suitable for your favorite beverage as it holds up to 300ml. The Pulsar Dab Rig doesn't compromise on performance. It comes equipped with a disc percolator, proficient in diffusing smoke to deliver smooth, rich inhalations every time. An included 14mm quartz banger completes your setup, ensuring you're ready to get started right away. A vital note: colors may vary with each rig, offering a pleasant surprise for the aesthetic-conscious consumer. This product is intended for the legal use of herbal substances and is not suited for tobacco consumption. Trust in the Pulsar Drinkable Beer Mug Dab Rig to deliver unmatched dual-functionality with an innovative twist, making your leisure time all the more enjoyable.
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