Pulsar Drinkable Mug Rig - 4.25""/14mm F/Colors Vary

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Experience the perfect blend of fun and functionality with the Pulsar Drinkable Mug Rig. Standing at a compact 4.25 inches (10.8cm) tall, this unique accessory combines the convenience of a drinkable mug with the innovative design of a water pipe. Enjoy your favorite legal herbal blend, then quench your thirst with your choice of beverage, all from one mug. This practical mug comes equipped with a comfortable handle for a secure grip, ensuring every use is a breeze. With a generous 200mL capacity, this mug holds enough of your desired drink without compromising the overall use. Going beyond its looks and functionality, the Pulsar Drinkable Mug Rig also delivers a one-of-a-kind experience, thanks to its top-of-the-line disc percolator. Creating smooth, flavor-rich vapor that's cool to the touch, this percolator adds depth to every inhale while filtering out unwanted particulates. Included is a 14mm male herb slide with a handle, designed to handle your preferred legal herbs effortlessly. Loading and unloading is a smooth process, with this slide complementing the overall convenience and functionality of the mug. The Pulsar Drinkable Mug Rig is available in a multitude of colors, introducing a splash of individuality to each piece. Please note, the colors of the mug vary and are chosen at random. Remember, this product is intended only for the use of legal herbs and is not suitable for tobacco. Enjoy unparalleled versatility and convenience in your herbal enjoyment with the Pulsar Drinkable Mug Rig. Experience the best of both drinkable and smokeable pleasures in one ingenious design today.
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