Pulsar Elite Series Axial Heating Coil

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Enjoy an enhanced vaping experience with the Pulsar Elite Series Axial Heating Coil. This spectacular accessory is a game changer in the vaping world with its unique coil design that not only heats the bottom of the nail but also the sides. What this means for you is a more consistent heat, for a far superior vaping session. But that's not all - this coil also offers a generous 4 foot (122 cm) connection cord length. This provides plenty of flexibility and room to move while you vape. With the benefit of a 24mm opening, it's easy to attach to your vaping device. As a bonus, this coil is cross compatible with all Elite Series eNail products - which means it could be the versatile addition to your vaping kit you've been looking for. Need a replacement coil for your Pulsar Axial Mini eNail Kit? Look no further! This terrific heating coil is designed to work perfectly with this particular kit. While the water pipe and axial are not included, these items have been shown in the display for illustration purposes only and are available to purchase separately. Getting into the details, let's not forget the highlights you'll love: 1. A radical coil design 2. A handy 4 foot (122 cm) long connection cord 3. A user-friendly 24mm opening 4. Superior heating from the bottom and the sides Upgrade your vape kit today with the Pulsar Elite Series Axial Heating Coil and experience the difference for yourself!
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