Pulsar Elite Series Micro eNail Kit w/ Carb Cap

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Introducing the Pulsar Elite Series Micro eNail Kit w/ Carb Cap - a must-have for dab enthusiasts aiming for precision and control. This starter kit provides everything you need to enrich your dabbing experience, regardless of your choice of water pipe or concentrates. The Micro eNail's standout feature is its unbeatable temperature control: simply dial in your desired heat level, between 220-990 degrees F, for perfect dabs every time. An easy-to-use digital screen, with push buttons for managing controls, lets you handle this adjustment seamlessly. Each set comes with a robust Micro eNail Power and Temperature Control Box, which is specially designed by Pulsar for unparalleled reliability and performance. This box is not limited to small nails either - it can efficiently handle nails up to 20mm. Designed for convenience, the kit includes a 5ft. removable power cord and a 4ft. heating coil cord - perfectly suited for users desiring a flexible setup. To ensure quality dabs, we've included a premium Grade 2 titanium universal nail that conveniently fits into 10mm, 14mm, or 19mm male or female joints. To top it all off, a durable titanium carb cap is also part of the package, enabling you to retain as much heat as possible for denser vapor clouds. Rest assured, all products sport the distinguished Pulsar logo ensuring their quality and authenticity. Plus, we stand behind our products with a 1-year warranty on the control box and a 6-month warranty on the heating cord - because we value your peace of mind. So why wait? Elevate your dabbing journey with the Pulsar Elite Series Micro eNail Kit today!
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