Pulsar Elite Series Mini eNail w/ 6-in-1 Nail

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The Pulsar Elite Series Mini eNail w/ 6-in-1 Nail is an easy-to-use must-have for any cannabis connoisseur. This mini powerhouse comes with a super practical push-button operation so you can get started in no time. Its precise temperature control allows you to adjust heat from 0 to a scorching 1200° F, depending on your preference. Included with the eNail is a universal 10/14/19mm Titanium Nail, designed for superior performance and versatility. With a digital display, you can keep an eye on the temperature aside from controlling it effortlessly. The kit also packs a 20mm heating coil, coming with a 4ft cord for your convenience. One vital feature of this eNail kit is its removable, locking 5ft power cord. The added length and locking mechanism ensure you'll have a fuss-free dabbing experience. Plus, it comes with a grade 2 Titanium carb cap with a handy dabber handle. And did we mention it's portable? Yes, this 150w enail follows you wherever the road takes you! So, whether you're a seasoned cannabis user or just starting, the Pulsar Elite Series Mini eNail w/ 6-in-1 Nail is designed to make your cannabis journey simpler and more enjoyable. Get yours today and unlock an unparalleled dabbing experience.
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