Pulsar Geometric Lace Etched Quartz Banger

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Discover the quality and superiority of the Pulsar Geometric Lace Etched Quartz Banger. Crafted exclusively from 100% resilient quartz, this advanced banger will significantly enhance your dabbing experience. It comes equipped with a 14mm male slide joint, uniquely angled at 90 degrees for convenience of use. The banger boasts an intricate etched design of geometric lace, adding a touch of elegance to your session. One of the standout features is its thick bottom design that efficiently retains heat, making it ideal for those prized low temp cold start dab sessions. Now, you can take your time to fully savor the flavors and aromas without rush. Furthermore, the robust construction and detailed dimensions contribute to its superior functionality. This banger measures 25mm in outer diameter and 21mm in inner diameter, with a commendable height of 35mm and depth of 31mm. Invest in the Pulsar Geometric Lace Etched Quartz Banger and experience an unprecedented level of quality and performance.
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