Pulsar Glass Double Duckie Rig - 7.5"" / 14mm F / Colors Vary

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Experience elevated satisfaction with the Pulsar Glass Double Duckie Rig. Standing at an impressive height of 7.5 inches, this sophisticated rig effortlessly stands out in any collection. The 14mm female water pipe, a significant highlight of this rig, ensures you get the optimal level of filtration for your sessions, providing smooth, pure hits every single time. This unique piece boasts a double-decker duckie design that’s both playful and practical – an instant conversation starter. The straight pipe body is expertly crafted for a steady grip, and an angled mouthpiece for comfort and ease during usage. The Pulsar Glass Double Duckie Rig is inclusive of a 14mm male quartz banger which ensures durability and heat resistance, so it stands up to repeated use without losing its functionality or aesthetic appeal. With color variations available to suit your preferences, this rig adds a vibrant, personal touch to your collection. Note: The Pulsar Glass Double Duckie Rig is intended for legal herbal use only and not for tobacco consumption. Responsibly enjoy this sensational addition to your cannabis accessory collection.
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