Pulsar Glass Two Tier Rocket Cone Rig - 7""/14mm F/Colors Vary

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Discover the unique experience of the Pulsar Glass Two Tier Rocket Cone Rig. Perfectly crafted standing 7 inches tall, this product is not just a gadget but an accentuating addition to your herb enjoyment scenes. The oil rig features a 14mm female joint, designed meticulously to ensure a seamless connection with its mate. No fussing about with its fixed downstem; the design ensures uncompromised functionality and ease of use. This rig comes bundled with a 14mm male flat top quartz banger. The banger servers a dual purpose - enhancing the rig's enthralling visuals and optimizing for clean, rich flavors. Committed diners can place orders without worrying about homogeneity, as the colors of the rig vary, making each piece feel unique and personalized. Please note the Pulsar Glass Two Tier Rocket Cone Rig is intended for legal herb use only and not suitable for tobacco. Enhance your herbal explorations today with this exquisite piece.
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