Pulsar Gumball Machine Rig - 7.5"" / 14mm F / Colors Vary

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Immerse yourself in elevated experiences with the Pulsar Gumball Machine Rig. Standing at a compact yet significant 7.5 inches tall, this novelty rig combines functionality and fun. Styled to represent a retro gumball machine, it sparks an amazing conversation and stands out in any collection. Its robust construction promises longevity, built entirely from high-grade borosilicate glass that can withstand heat and resist breakage. Not just an eye-catching design, the rig is also a top performer. Its 14mm female water pipe serves as a formidable gateway to revitalizing hits. Housing a disc-style percolator, it diffuses smoke superbly, resulting in smooth, cool puffs that enhance your herbal experience. Included with the rig is a 14mm male quartz banger - an excellent accessory that guarantees purer and flavorful hits. Its quartz composition can tolerate high temperatures, ensuring it will not crack or harm the quality of your herbs. The Pulsar Gumball Machine Rig comes in a variety of colors and is perfect for legal herbal use. Note that it's not intended for tobacco use. Elevate your smoking sessions, enjoy the essence of your herbs, and transform your smoking experience with this colorful, retro-novelty design.
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