Pulsar Incycler Rig w/ Circ Perc - 6.75"" / 14mm F / Clear

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Bask in the superior features and quality craftsmanship of our Pulsar Incycler Rig w/ Circ Perc - an exceptional piece in our collection that stands 6.75 inches tall. This seamless fusion of style and functionality boasts an integrated incycler dab rig, amplifying the effectiveness of your vaping experience. The intricately designed circ percolator allows for smooth and flavorful hits every time, providing unparalleled diffusion of smoke. The base of this Pulsar Rig is flared for enhanced stability, ensuring your rig remains secure during use. Every element of this rig, down to its robust base, radiates premium quality. It's constructed using highly durable borosilicate glass, offering impressive longevity and safety against heat. This extraordinary piece also includes a complementary 14mm male banger, saving you the hassle of finding a matching accessory. With its clear design, this product underscores the finesse of its internal structure while simultaneously complementing any aesthetic. In summary, the Pulsar Incycler Rig w/ Circ Perc isn't just a utility; it's a statement of elegance and performance. Its blend of superior functionality, durability, and unmatched style makes it an ideal choice for any connoisseurs looking to elevate their vaping repertoire.
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