Pulsar Isopropyl Cleaning Station - 4"" / Colors Vary

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Take your cleaning ritual to the next level with the Pulsar Isopropyl Cleaning Station. This 4-inch stand is specially designed to accommodate your dab tool, carb cap, iso, and cotton buds, making your cleaning and maintenance work unraveled and effortless. Built for rugged use, this station is crafted from sturdy boro glass. The glass is resilient and durable, ensuring the stand thrives even in high-traffic areas. It's even equipped with a robust round base, making it sturdy and less likely to tip over or shift during use. Here's the best part: our Pulsar cleaning station comes in various colors! This adds a personal touch and allows you to match your cleaning station with your existing dab tools or decor. Last but not least, this cleaning station comes proudly etched with a frosted Pulsar logo. A nod to the brand's commitment to providing exceptional quality and style, this logo turns the simple cleaning station into a sleek and stylish accessory. Combining functionality, robustness, and visual appeal, the Pulsar Isopropyl Cleaning Station (4 inch, Colors Vary) is your all-in-one solution for a streamlined and efficient dabbing experience!
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