Pulsar Jupiter Atmosphere Dab Rig - 9.5""/14mm F/Colors Vary

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Introducing the Pulsar Jupiter Atmosphere Dab Rig, a masterpiece that stands grand at 9.5 inches tall. Designed in an ornate manner, this dab rig is a shining star in any connoisseur's collection. The drop-down joint connection is flawlessly integrated into the structure, offering a smooth and seamless smoking experience. It harbors a strong ball and barrel perc which churns up a storm of cooling bubbles to guarantees well-diffused, smooth hits every time. To enhance your dabbing experience, the package includes a 14mm quartz banger. This accessory serves the significant role of letting you savour the full flavor of your concentrates while ensuring heated efficiency. Crafted with top-notch borosilicate glass, the Pulsar Jupiter Atmosphere Dab Rig is impressively durable and promises a longer lifespan even when regularly used. This hardy material also safeguards it from temperature fluctuations, guaranteeing every dab session is safe and enjoyable. Every Pulsar Jupiter Atmosphere Dab Rig is uniquely coloured to add an extra bit of panache to your collection. Though the colours may vary, each design impressively complements this innovative dab rig's structure. Add the Pulsar Jupiter Atmosphere Dab Rig to your collection and elevate your dabbing routine to new heights of enjoyment.
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