Pulsar Magic Potion Recycler Rig / 6.5"" / 14mm F

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Introducing the Pulsar Magic Potion Recycler Rig, a perfect combination of functional design and mesmerizing aesthetics. Standing at a compact yet sturdy 6.5 inches tall, this rig is an ideal companion for dab enthusiasts. Expertly crafted with resilient borosilicate glass, it ensures a long-lasting experience even under frequent use. This recycler dab rig's unique design features an aesthetic twist with a magical potion bottle shape, adding a whimsical touch to your collection. With the Pulsar logo stamped on it, be assured of the rig's quality and reliability as it comes from a trusted brand loved by countless smokers. One of the key highlights of the Pulsar Magic Potion Recycler Rig is its disc percolator that provides advanced water filtration. This ensures smoother, cooler, and cleaner hits every time. Adding to the comfort is an ergonomically angled mouthpiece designed to provide a more relaxed smoking experience. To ensure you have everything you need right out of the box, the Pulsar Magic Potion Recycler Rig includes a 14mm male banger. It makes this rig a complete solution for those seeking a high-quality, feature-packed smoking accessory. Please note, the Pulsar Magic Potion Recycler Rig is intended for legal herbal use only and NOT for tobacco. Choose this eye-catching rig for a magical dabbing experience, uniting style and function like never before.
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