Pulsar Magic Shroom Quartz Tip Vapor Vessel - 9.5""/Colors Vary

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Experience the magic of smooth and exceptional dabbing sessions with our Pulsar Magic Shroom Quartz Tip Vapor Vessel that sports a lively 9.5 inches of gleaming borosilicate glass. This dab straw shows off an intricately worked glass mushroom chamber that not only adds a unique visual appeal but also ensures superior functionality. Our device comes with a water-filtered perc that makes sure every draw you take is perfectly filtered, clean, and fresh. Enjoy the durability of borosilicate glass, known for its incredible resilience against high temperatures and physical instabilities. The Pulsar Magic Shroom Vapor Vessel boasts a 14mm female joint and pairs perfectly with the provided 14mm male quartz tip equipped with a metal joint clip. This combination ensures a secure fit and a sturdy hand-feel for an enhanced user experience. The Quartz tip heats up quickly and preserves the aromatic flavors of your favorite legal herb substances. Remember, our Pulsar Magic Shroom Quartz Tip Vapor Vessel is intended exclusively for legal herbal use and is not suitable for tobacco. Colors may vary, adding an exciting touch of mystery to your dabbing gear collection! Enjoy an unrivaled dabbing experience that combines aesthetics, convenience, and top-notch quality with our Magic Shroom Vapor Vessel.
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