Pulsar Octopus Mini Dab Rig w/ Carb Cap - 4.5""/Colors Vary

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Introducing the Pulsar Octopus Mini Dab Rig w/ Carb Cap - 4.5"/Colors Vary, the perfect artisan glass piece for anyone seeking an exclusive, highly effective dabbing experience. At a convenient 4.5 inches tall, this compact and portable rig is the perfect accessory for legal herbal concentrate use on the go. The mini dab rig is proudly designed with a 14mm female joint, complemented by a fixed downstem that provides seamless usage for the user. Included with your purchase, you'll receive a 14mm male quartz banger and a strikingly designed tentacle carb cap, which helps preserve your legal herbal concentrates while providing a control airflow for smooth and flavorful hits. Experience superior durability and resistance to thermal stress with the Pulsar Octopus Mini Dab Rig's construction of high-quality borosilicate glass. Known for its tremendous heat resistance and sturdiness, borosilicate glass ensures longer service life and lasting vitality. We believe in embracing individuality, so our Pulsar Octopus Mini Dab Rig w/ Carb Cap - 4.5"/Colors Vary comes in different colors to match your preference. Please note that the colors may vary due to the nature of the handmade glass products. Let's reiterate for clarity; this product is designed solely for legal herbal use and is not intended for tobacco use. Invest in this awe-inspiring, highly functional Pulsar Octopus Mini Dab Rig today and experience the incredible difference.
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