Pulsar Oil Reclaimer / 45 Degree / 14mm Male / 14mm Female

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Enhance your oil rig experience with the Pulsar Oil Reclaimer. Made to attach seamlessly to 14mm female oil rigs, this essential tool enhances practicality. It comes with a 45-degree joint, making it compatible and convenient. The primary function is to catch reclaim that drips from your banger nail efficiently down into the reclaimer, eliminating waste. Constructed from high-quality borosilicate glass, this oil reclaimer is built to last. It is complemented by a detachable, non-stick silicone container that effortlessly collects the reclaim. Once the container fills up, simply detach it from the bottom and transfer the content to another vessel. With this feature, reusing the reclaim becomes a breeze. Moreover, this Pulsar Oil Reclaimer is expertly designed to accept 14mm male bangers and nails. Its high adaptability makes it a valuable addition to your toolkit. Enhance your oil rig setup with the super-convenient and highly durable Pulsar Oil Reclaimer!
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