Pulsar Oil Reclaimer / 45 Degree / 14mm Male / 19mm Female

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Experience the ultimate in dabbing efficiency with our Pulsar Oil Reclaimer. We've crafted this accessory to reduce wasted dabs and enhance your overall experience. It's a fantastic addition to your kit, fitting neatly into your 14mm female water pipes. Designed with a 45-degree elbow and a 14mm male pipe fitting, it's easy to connect and set up. We've even included a 19mm female slide fitting to ensure broad compatibility. With the Pulsar Oil Reclaimer, you can connect it and get back to what you love in no time. What makes this oil reclaimer stand out is its ability to capture unused residual oils and waxes. Once reclaimed, you can re-use these potent substances, giving you maximum value and stronger, richer flavors. Crafted from high-quality borosilicate glass, our oil reclaimer guarantees durability and a long lifespan. It's not just a quick fix; it's a worthwhile investment in your dabbing hobby. Plus, the included silicone concentrate container, complete with a cap, serves as an efficient storage solution for your oils and waxes. So, upgrade your dabbing experience with our Pulsar Oil Reclaimer. It improves efficiency, saves resources, and is built to last - a perfect harmony of practicality and quality.
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