Pulsar Oil Reclaimer / 90 Degree / 14mm Male / 14mm Female

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Optimize your dabbing experience with our Pulsar Oil Reclaimer. Custom-designed to pack a punch, this tool prevents dab wastage, making sure you get the most out of your experience. Engineered with a 90-degree elbow joint and versatile 14mm female/male fittings, this oil reclaimer was designed with your needs in mind. Belonging to the high-ranking roster of Pulsar waterpipe and oil rig accessories, this reclaimer ensures unrivaled quality. It's manufactured using premium borosilicate glass known for its durability and heat resistance. Pair it with 14mm female water pipes for the perfect vaping setup. Don't worry about losing precious oils and waxes - our oil reclaimer has a built-in solution that's both practical and convenient. The detachable reclaimer is designed to capture residual oils and waxes, so nothing goes to waste. Expand your accessory collection as our oil reclaimer is compatible with 14mm male slides, stems, and other add-ons. Featuring a 90-degree elbow for easy dabbing, the Pulsar Oil Reclaimer ensures comfortable use, making your vaping experience a delight. Last but not least, this sought-after oil reclaimer comes with an attached, easy-to-use silicone concentrate container. Airtight and transport-friendly, the silicone container preserves your favorite oils while keeping them within reach. The Pulsar Oil Reclaimer / 90 Degree / 14mm Male / 14mm Female is a cutting-edge solution that makes dabbing a breeze. Dominate your vaping routine with this power-packed and versatile accessory.
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