Pulsar Reclaimer Kit / 45 Degree / 14mm

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Get the most out of your concentrates with the Pulsar Reclaimer Kit. This useful accessory easily attaches to your oil rig, designed to capture and save any unused residual concentrates. It comes with a unique 45-degree elbow design and adaptable 14mm female/male fittings, making it an ideal addition to any 14mm female oil rig setup. This kit also includes a 14mm glass reclaimer for enhanced functionality. Its distinct design allows it to accept both 14mm male bangers and nails. Additionally, the package is complete with a detachable silicone container for your convenience. Adding a vibrant touch to your gear, the reclaimer chamber features a colorful joint clip connector. This not only provides a secure fit but also elevates the aesthetic appeal of your rig. Choose the Pulsar Reclaimer Kit for a superior, efficient and stylish upgrade to your oil rig session.
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