Pulsar Round Bottom Deep Bucket Banger

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Boost your dabbing experience with the Pulsar Round Bottom Deep Bucket Banger, specially designed to maximize your concentrates’ usage. Crafted with excellent precision, this deep bucket banger secures your valued concentrates inside its efficient chamber, eradicating any chances of wastage by preventing them from dripping down the neck into the rig. The unique round bottom design ensures your dab remains pooled together for an optimized dabbing experience, enabling you to make the most out of every last drop. Furthermore, the streamlined construction of the bucket banger considerably simplifies the cleaning process. Standing apart in its category, the Pulsar Deep Bucket Banger is made from pure 4mm thick quartz, ensuring durability and high-quality performance. It is further equipped with a compatible 14mm male joint, adding versatility to your dabbing setup. Experience a blend of efficiency, easy maintenance, and versatile fitting with the Pulsar Round Bottom Deep Bucket Banger.
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