Pulsar Shroom Forest Vapor Vessel w/ Ti Tip - 8.75""

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Introducing the Pulsar Shroom Forest Vapor Vessel with Ti Tip - a delightful masterpiece that stands 8.75" tall. Masterfully crafted, this vapor vessel employs borosilicate glass for increased durability and heat resistance. The tree percolator, an integral feature, majestically filters and diffuses your vapors, ensuring a smooth, flavorful experience every time. Designed with a vibrant, enchanting mushroom forest theme, this vapor vessel is not just another smoking tool, it's a piece of art. The unique mushroom forest design is complemented by glow in the dark accents, making it a standout piece even in dimly lit rooms. The Pulsar vapor vessel also comes equipped with a top-quality titanium dab tip that's threaded for ease of use. Titanium's high heat retention makes it an excellent choice for flawless vaporizing. It's important to note that this product is designed for legal herbal use only, and it's not intended for tobacco. Get your Pulsar Shroom Forest Vapor Vessel with Ti Tip now, and elevate your herbal experience to new heights. This is not just a tool, it's a celebration of aesthetics, functionality, and the herbal journey that awaits.
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