Pulsar Silicone Containers / 32mm / Assorted / 100pc Set

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Showcase your love for herbal extracts with our Pulsar Silicone Containers – the perfect blend of style and functionality. This 100-piece set, featuring a classy assortment of colors, is sure to be a vibrant addition to your herbal essentials collection. Measuring 32mm in diameter, these containers promise a 3ml capacity - an ideal size for the safekeeping of your favored extracts. Crafted meticulously with top-tier food grade silicone, these high-quality containers ensure your extracts don't stick, proving their worth in keeping your goods fresh and intact. The standout feature of our Pulsar Silicone Containers is their non-stick surface—an attribute that not just simplifies the cleaning process, but also ensures you use every last bit of your precious extracts. Choose our containers to experience a practical method of storing extracts without compromising on style or quality. With a rainbow of colors to choose from, our Pulsar Silicone Containers, available in a 100-piece set, bring a pop of color to your storing regimen. Please note, the assortment of colors may vary based on our available inventory. For an organized and aesthetically pleasing storage solution for your herbal extracts, look no further than our Pulsar Silicone Containers. Experience durable, non-stick, premium quality storage for your extracts with our 32mm, assorted, 100-piece set today.
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