Pulsar Terp Sauce Carb Cap Dabber - 6"" / Assorted Colors

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Introducing the Pulsar Terp Sauce Carb Cap Dabber in a handy 6" size. This multi-functional tool not only uplifts your dabbing experience but also adds a pop of color to your kit with an assortment of shades available. Please note, however, that the color you receive may vary. Designed with boro glass, recognized for its resilience and durability, it promises longevity no matter how often it's used. The dual-side design features a carb cap on one side, which effectively traps the heat, and a pointed dabber on the other for precise application. Ideal for use with live resins, terps, and isolates, the Pulsar Terp Sauce Carb Cap Dabber ensures a smooth and fulfilling experience. Choose this superior tool and elevate your dabbing ritual today.
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