Pulsar Terp Slurper Bicolor Set - 3pc / Colors Vary

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Discover the dynamic Pulsar Terp Slurper Bicolor Set - 3pc / Colors Vary. This pack delights you with three mixed-size terp beads, each flaunting an eye-catching bicolor design. They are expertly fashioned from robust, hard-wearing borosilicate glass, ensuring a durable product that you can rely on. Ideal for use with the Terp Slurp Banger, these beads add a stylish flair to your vaping experience. Note that the banger is not included in this set, and the colors of the beads may vary. This product is intended for lawful, herbal use only and explicitly not for tobacco. Enhance your vaping sessions with the aesthetic and functional appeal of this Pulsar Terp Slurper Bicolor Set.
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