Pulsar Terp Slurper Dichro Set - 3pc / Colors Vary

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Experience superior function with the Pulsar Terp Slurper Dichro Set. This 3-piece set is ideal for the modern-day recreational herbal enthusiast. Included in the set are mixed-size terp beads, perfect for efficient and even heat distribution for a more accurate application. The set boasts of remarkable dichro marble designs, adding a touch of opulence to your collection. These accessories are carefully crafted from durable borosilicate glass material for long-lasting use. Designed specifically to be a perfect match, these set pieces pair effortlessly with the Terp Slurp Banger, although it's worth noting that the banger is not included in this particular set. The Pulsar Terp Slurper Dichro Set is available in a variety of stunning colors which may vary. This brings forth an element of surprise as you grow your collection. The products in this set are intended strictly for legal herbal use only. They are not designed for tobacco or any other illegal substances. Embrace the purity and richness of your herbal experiences with the Pulsar Terp Slurper Dichro Set.
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