Pulsar Tornado Ball Spin Carb Cap - 26mm / Colors Vary

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Upgrade your smoking experience with the Pulsar Tornado Ball Spin Carb Cap! Designed to be a perfect 26mm fit, this cap is made from expertly crafted boro glass (known for its durability and heat resistance) which assures you of long-lasting use. Featuring a unique directional airflow, it delivers an undeniably smooth and powerful draw. The standout feature though, is the internal spinning bead. This not only enhances the aesthetics but also ensures that every bit of your product is fully vaporized. Lastly, the Pulsar Tornado Ball Spin Carb Cap is available in a variety of vibrant colors that spice up your kit, although the exact color may vary. Step up your smoking game today with this high-quality, stylish carb cap!
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