Pulsar UFO Directional Carb Cap / 35mm

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Enhance your dabbing experience with the Pulsar UFO Directional Carb Cap / 35mm! This highly functional accessory is designed to fit most quartz and titanium banger nails. Skillfully crafted from top-grade, 100% borosilicate glass, this carb cap ensures long-lasting use. What makes it cooler is its elegant deep green color that adds a classy touch to your dab gear. The Pulsar UFO Directional Carb Cap sports a unique design for a purpose - it allows controlled airflow for dabbing. That means you get to enjoy the most out of your concentrates as it ensures they are fully vaporized. So, expect a more efficient use of your dabs every time! With a size of 35mm in diameter, this carb cap sits perfectly on your banger's nail. Despite its sleek design, it promises uncompromised durability, able to stand frequent sessions and withstand heat. Experience the best-out-of-your-concentrates with the exciting green accents of the Pulsar UFO Directional Carb Cap. It's more than just a pretty addition to your collection—it's your effective tool for a much-deserved elevated dabbing affair!
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