Pulsar UV Bubble Swirl Carb Cap - 25mm

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Experience superior dabs with the Pulsar UV Bubble Swirl Carb Cap - 25mm. This innovative piece fits easily onto most quartz and titanium banger nails. It's made from tough borosilicate glass that's sure to stand the test of time. The swirl accents in striking red and white make this carb cap more than a tool, but a statement piece. Add some flair to your dabbing experience with unique blue tipped glass accents. What sets it apart is the UV reactive highlights that glow enticingly under UV light. With a 25mm diameter, this glass bubble carb cap offers directional airflow, providing you with efficient dabbing experiences by directing the flow of air to precisely where you want it. This ensures you get the most out of your concentrates, making every session worth your while. The Pulsar UV Bubble Swirl Carb Cap promises dab enthusiasts a fun, efficient, and stylish dabbing experience.
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