Pulsar Vortex Recycler Oil Rig - 9"" / 14mm F / Colors Vary

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Experience the ultimate in concentrate purity with our Pulsar Vortex Recycler Oil Rig - 9"" / 14mm F / Colors Vary. This magnificent glass rig features a dual recycler system that repeatedly washes and cleans your vapor before it reaches your lips, ensuring an utterly smooth, flavorful hit every time. Each inhale is further refined by a fixed diffused down stem, spreading the smoke into tiny bubbles, which maximizes the surface area exposed to water and cools your hit instantly. Supporting these advanced features is a round, sturdy base that promises stability and durability. Adding a significant visual appeal, this oil rig is accented with vibrant colors, available in an assortment of shades to ensure every piece is uniquely your own. A quintessential addition is the non-splashback drain at the bottom of the chamber, so you can draw hard and fast without fear of getting water in your mouth. This superior model comes complete with a quartz banger nail. Quartz is the ideal material for nails, due to its ability to tolerate high temperatures and its rapid cool down time. This means you get a perfectly heated hit, exactly when you want it. Please note that the color accents can vary from piece to piece, making each Pulsar Vortex Recycler Oil Rig a unique, personalized masterpiece. This product is intended for legal herbal use only and is not suitable for use with tobacco. Indulge in the ultimate concentrate experience with our Pulsar Vortex Recycler Oil Rig - 9"" / 14mm F / Colors Vary.
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