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Meet the exceptional Quartz Honey Hive Carb Cap. This isn't your regular dab carb cap. Think of a super cap, crafted from the finest 100% Quartz, a material known for its strength, resilience, and stunning aesthetics. What makes it stand out? It's all about the auto-spinning function. This feature brings in air from the top and directs it at an angle through the cap into your nail. The result is a swirling vortex that makes your dab balls and product spin like crazy. Why's that good? Because it means efficient vaporization of your product, every time you use it. Pair the Quartz Honey Hive Carb Cap with a quartz nail of no less than 20mm diameter for the best results. If your pearls have been reluctant to spin, this upgraded cap could be the game-changer you're looking for! Add it to your dab arsenal and witness your pearls go into a crazy swirl. Strong yet elegant, the Quartz Honey Hive Carb Cap is truly a sight to behold. But note, it's only compatible with glass or quartz bangers that are 20mm and larger in inner diameter. We also recommend pairing it with our Core Reactor Quartz Banger for the ultimate dabbing experience. And remember, at Honeybee Herb, we offer a wide range of dab tools and carb caps, so feel free to explore. Say yes to enhanced dabbing with the Quartz Honey Hive Carb Cap!
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