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Discover the magic behind better hits with the Quartz Stamp Carb Cap from Honeybee Herb! Tailored to perfection using FDA-grade premium quartz crystal, this dab carb cap is specially crafted to give you a rich and full-bodied smoke. It's universally compatible, ideally suiting your bucket-style nails but working best with a Whirlwind style banger. Deploying this Quartz Stamp Carb Cap is as easy as pie! Simply put the disc-like cap on top of your nail, creating a tight seal with the lip of your glass banger and the cap's base. Add some pressure to the mix by lifting the cap up and down. You'll see this technique create pressure in the nail, leading to the carburization of your product, ultimately enhancing the potency of your dabs. Sporting a robust 30mm outer diameter, this dazzling item does not feature an auto spin. That means you have plenty of control over the direction of your dabs! So, why let your dabs lose their mojo in the cold when you have the Quartz Stamp Carb Cap to help you chase fuller and more enjoyable smoke? Get yours now, and step into a whole new world of superior dabbing experience!
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