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Experience the best of your extracts and legal oils with our QUARTZ STUB BUBBLE CARB CAP. Made from high-quality quartz, this carb cap is a game-changer in the dabbing experience. With its universal compatibility, it fits perfectly with bangers that are 22mm or smaller in inner diameter. The cleverly designed quartz stub bubble carb cap helps to direct the airflow flawlessly as you take a hit. The central bubble rests on top of your dab rig banger and is best used with thermal bangers. Give the top stem a little roll and allow the bubble to move around for maximum vaporization. This is the perfect tool if you love savoring your hits at low temps. However, remember this carb cap is made specifically for smaller bangers. So, if your banger's inner diameter is larger than 22mm, it might not fit as perfectly. The best part? This handy carb cap works great with domeless nails. Simply heat up your heating element, apply your oil or concentrate on the nail, then place the carb cap on the domeless nail. The limited airflow improves the flavor of your concentrates, ensuring your concentrates' full enjoyment in every dab. If you're dabbing without a carb cap, you're compelled to use higher temperatures, which could unfortunately destroy the terpenes in your concentrates. But with our QUARTZ STUB BUBBLE CARB CAP, you can enjoy the full flavor of your extracts at lower temperatures. Finally, a special shout out to Honey Barrell quartz banger users – this carb cap fits seamlessly with your banger. Give this QUARTZ STUB BUBBLE CARB CAP a try and elevate your dabbing experience.
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