Quartz Tip for Dab Straw / Collector / 10mm Male

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Enjoy a superior dabbing experience with our Quartz Tip for Dab Straw / Collector / 10mm Male. This specially designed tip is a must-have accessory for any dab enthusiast. With its 10mm male joint, it easily fits into any vapor vessel, nectar collector or straw featuring a compatible 10mm female joint. Our Quartz Tip is made entirely from 100% quartz, a material renowned for its ability to withstand extremely high temperatures. This ensures that each dab session is safe and hassle-free. The solid quartz construction also contributes to the overall durability and longevity of the tip, letting you enjoy countless sessions without worrying about wear and tear. Made to enhance your dabbing convenience, our Quartz Tip is versatile — it smoothly fits the majority of vapor vessels, nectar collectors, and dab straws. Discover an improved and efficient way to enjoy your dabs with our robust, high-quality Quartz Tip for Dab Straw / Collector / 10mm Male. Savour the consistent functionality and outstanding performance that our Quartz Tip delivers.
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