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Get the most from your dab sessions with our RECLAIM CATCHER DOUBLE PACK by Honeybee Herb. It's perfect for those who value efficiency and cleanliness in their dabbing experience. This package comes with two reclaim catchers, equipped to fit your rig joints at both 45° and 90° angles. No matter the angle of your rig, you can catch every bit of your reclaim with ease. Both reclaim catchers come with a 14mm male joint designed to fit snugly into any 14mm female rig joint and a 14mm female joint for your banger. These reclaim catchers serve a crucial role in the dabbing process, acting like a reservoir between your quartz banger and nail and your bongs. The main job is to catch your reclaim or any leftover dab. The bonus is that non-vaporized material that goes through the nail and any reclaim buildup collects neatly in the reclaim catcher, keeping it off your dab rig nail. This makes not only for a clean aesthetic but also adds to the utility of your rig. A standout feature of our reclaim catchers is the FDA-approved silicone container attached at the bottom. Collecting your reclaim for later use becomes a smooth, hassle-free process with this add-on. Made to maximize your dab sessions, the RECLAIM CATCHER DOUBLE PACK delivers exceptional value for its price. Not many deals let you fit two rigs with 14mm reclaim catchers featuring different joint angles, and designed for efficiently catching your reclaim. This double pack is tough to pass up, so don't wait - order yours now! It's a perfect fusion of beauty, functionality, and unbeatable value.
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