Resinate Liquid Pipe Cleaning Solution / 16oz

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Achieve dazzling cleanliness for your hand pipes and bongs with the Resinate Liquid Pipe Cleaning Solution. It's a user-friendly, non-abrasive cleaning aid specially designed for all glass, Pyrex, ceramic and metal pipes. The simplicity is stunning - just pour the solution into your water pipe's percolation chamber, or let smaller pipes soak in a container with the solution. A light shake later, and you'll see the Resinate fluid efficiently wipe away stubborn resins and build-up. What’s more? This powerful 16oz cleaner is not just effective; it's eco-friendly too! Adopted from a biodegradable formula, it's an environmentally friendly choice that doesn't compromise on performance. Please note, due to ORM-D classification, this item is only available for Ground shipping within the 48 contiguous US states. Keep your pipes shining and your conscience clear with the Resinate Liquid Pipe Cleaning Solution. Your perfect partner for maintaining sparkling clean pipes and bongs.
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