Ritual - 5'' Silicone Yoshi Egg Rig - Black & Red

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Discover the powerful smoking experience of Ritual's 5'' Silicone Yoshi Egg Rig in bold Black & Red design. Perfect for the nostalgic enthusiast, this unique water pipe boasts a Dino perc, renowned for its super hard chugs! Crafted from high-quality, platinum-cured silicone that excels in durability, our rig is virtually indestructible. Enjoy potent puffs, thanks to the innovative air path funnelling powerful and intense smoke. Made thoughtfully with user satisfaction in mind, Ritual's 5'' Silicone Yoshi Egg Rig includes a functional Quartz Banger, ideally suited for precise concentrate use. Designed in the heart of USA and built in China, this piece perfectly marry craftsmanship with high performance. Standing at 5" tall, this compact rig is perfect for those on the go. It is travel-friendly, tough, and simple to clean, proving that strength and convenience can indeed go hand-in-hand. The 'Yoshi Perc' feature enhances the rig's function, creating hard and efficient chugs for a more satisfying smoking experience. In an industry first, we offer a limited lifetime warranty on all silicone parts of our Ritual Silicone water pipes, a testament of our confidence in the rig's longevity. Elevate your smoking ritual with Ritual's 5'' Silicone Yoshi Egg Rig.
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