Ritual - 5'' Silicone Yoshi Egg Rig - Black & White Marble

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Discover the exceptional smoking experience with the Ritual - 5'' Silicone Yoshi Egg Rig in classic Black & White Marble. This superior quality water pipe, infused with elevated style and function, offers the ultimate nostalgic ripper. The prominent Yoshi Egg Rig, standing at 5'', boasts a specially designed Dino perc that enhances the smoke delivery - it chugs tremendously for a potent and powerful smoke. Crafted from extraordinarily durable, platinum-cured silicone, the water pipe is almost indestructible. We are so confident in its resilience that we provide a limited lifetime warranty on all silicone parts of the Ritual Silicone pipes, ensuring your piece will stand the test of time. Designed in the USA and manufactured in China, the Yoshi Egg Rig guarantees the optimal performance for concentrate use. The unique air path adds another layer of functionality, resulting in an enriched smoking experience. It comes with a high-grade 14mm Quartz Banger that further uplifts its unparalleled utility and appeal. Its compact design and easy cleaning attribute make it a stellar choice for those on-the-go. Whether you're travelling or chilling at home, the Ritual - 5'' Silicone Yoshi Egg Rig will prove to be a durable, reliable, and stylish companion. Elevate your smoking ritual and relish in the heightened performance of this unique piece.
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