Ritual - 5'' Silicone Yoshi Egg Rig - Cotton Candy

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Experience nostalgia like never before as you engage in the ultimate smoking ceremony with the Ritual 5'' Silicone Yoshi Egg Rig - Cotton Candy edition. Designed for discerning cannabis users with an eye for uniqueness, this one-of-a-kind water pipe sports a Dino perc, guaranteed to deliver powerhouse chugs each time you use it. Elevate your smoking experience, channeling potent and vigorous bouts of smoke courtesy of Ritual's intricate air path engineering. Standing tall at 5 inches, the Yoshi Egg Rig ensures both sturdy design and uncompromising functionality – a testament to Ritual's dedication for excellence. Boasting durable silicone construction, the Yoshi Egg Rig is virtually indestructible. This rig's resiliency goes beyond the norm, backed by an exclusive guarantee on silicone parts, cementing our commitment to long-lasting products. Relish in the finesse of the USA-designed, China-crafted Rig – a testament to global craftsmanship. The Cotton Candy edition of the Rig comes with a Quartz Banger, optimized for concentrate use, blending uncompromisable durability and impressive aesthetics. This 5'' Yoshi Egg Rig is not only quick and easy to clean, but is also travel-friendly, adding a new dimension of convenience to your cannabis sessions. With a limited lifetime warranty on silicone parts, your blessing from Ritual is designed to last. Choose the Ritual 5'' Silicone Yoshi Egg Rig - Cotton Candy edition for a smoking experience that truly transcends the ordinary. Here at Ritual, we're not just about smoking - we're about staying elevated.
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