Ritual - 5'' Silicone Yoshi Egg Rig - Rasta

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The Ritual - 5'' Silicone Yoshi Egg Rig - Rasta is your ticket to an elevated smoking experience. A nod to nostalgia, this unique water pipe mimics the aesthetic of a Yoshi egg from the renowned video game lore. Standout features include a Dino perc that yields robust pulls and dense smoke clouds. It's easier than ever to savor the potency of your concentrates. This is more than just a novelty piece. Crafted with platinum-cured silicone, this 5-inch rig boasts exceptional durability - it's virtually indestructible. Our faith in the toughness of our silicone parts is so profound that we guarantee them under a limited lifetime warranty. The compact size and indestructibility of the Yoshi Egg Rig make it an ideal travel companion. It's perfect for both quick trips and extended journeys. Plus, it's incredibly easy to clean, making maintenance a breeze. Proudly designed in the USA and manufactured in China, the pipe comes equipped with a Quartz Banger 14mm, ideal for concentrate use. The unique airflow and design ensure a smooth yet powerful hit each time, capturing the intensity of your preferred product. Elevate your Ritual with the 5'' Silicone Yoshi Egg Rig - Rasta. It's more than a pipe; it's a commitment to a higher state of recreation. Discover the difference and enhance your smoking rituals today.
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