Ritual - 5'' Silicone Yoshi Egg Rig - UV Titanium White

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Introducing the Ritual 5'' Silicone Yoshi Egg Rig in UV Titanium White! Experience nostalgia like never before with this distinctive water pipe, inspired by a classic game. Not just appealing to the retro gamer in you, it's also a powerful smoke machine, complete with a unique 'Dino perc' that chugs vigorously when in action. Crafted with utmost precision, this nifty tool is meticulously designed in the USA and manufactured in China, promising top-notch quality. It's composed of durable and platinum-cured silicone that's virtually indestructible. In fact, we're so confident of its invulnerability that we offer a lifetime warranty on the silicone parts of each of our Ritual Silicone pipes. The Ritual 5" Silicone Yoshi Egg Rig comes equipped with a Quartz Banger and features a unique air path that delivers potent and powerful smoke, making it perfect for concentrate use. Standing at just five inches tall, it’s compact and travel-friendly, not to mention easy to clean. Not only a practical pick, this rig glows under UV light, adding an extra layer of fun to your smoking sessions. If you're seeking a durable and functional tool that stands out from the crowd, then look no further! Elevate your smoking sessions with the Ritual 5" Silicone Yoshi Egg Rig today.
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