Ritual - 7'' Silicone Deluxe Nectar Collector - Black & Red

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Introducing the Ritual 7'' Silicone Deluxe Nectar Collector, an unrivaled offering in the world of cannabis accessories. Designed in the USA and crafted with an attention towards performance and durability, this deluxe nectar collector redefines the user experience. The collector dons a stunning glass matrix perc, incorporated for its superior percolation, providing a smooth and ethereal experience with every inhalation. Ritual is synonymous with quality. This is epitomized in the nectar collector's construction as it boasts an exquisitely durable and virtually indestructible silicone body. Premium platinum-cured silicone is used for the build, underlining our commitment to offering premium-quality products. To go further, we set the mark by offering guarantees on the silicone parts of our product line, ensuring reliability like nothing else on the market. Moreover, the meticulously engineered air path is an exclusive feature of Ritual. The precise design enables delivery of comfortably potent and immensely powerful puffs, alongside long-lasting, maximum dosage delivery. All Ritual concentrate pipes include a quartz banger, a selection made specifically to unlock the finest flavor in your concentrates. With a height of 7”, this nectar collector is travel-friendly, easy to clean, and extremely durable. Ensuring a hassle-free experience, the product comes ready-to-use with a Quartz tip, promising you a superior smoking experience straight from the unboxing. Choose the Ritual 7'' Silicone Deluxe Nectar Collector in sleek Black & Red for an elevated cannabis consumption experience. We at Ritual stay committed to consistently delivering more than expected. After all, we believe in staying elevated!
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