Ritual - 7'' Silicone Deluxe Nectar Collector - Black & White Marble

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Experience an elevated and superior way to enjoy your concentrates with the Ritual 7'' Silicone Deluxe Nectar Collector. This standout piece in the category doesn't only look good in Black & White Marble finish, but it also comes with unique features that ensure an optimum smoking experience. Constructed with platinum cured silicone, this deluxe nectar collector is durable and virtually indestructible - a fact we back with a limited lifetime warranty on silicone parts. Enjoy the convenience of a smoking tool that is not only sturdy but also extremely easy to clean and travel friendly. The beautiful glass matrix perc contributes to an outstanding percolation, giving you smooth, flavorful rips every single time. The unique air path and function of this nectar collector rendering potent puffs, ensuring that your sessions are never short of elevated. Admire the included quartz tip that brings out the best flavor of your concentrates. Titanium might be a nice option for other brands but at Ritual, we believe our customers deserve the best. Our commitment to quality and satisfaction is mirrored in our Ritual Silicone pipes and this 7'' Silicone Deluxe Nectar Collector is a testament to that commitment. Designed in the USA and made in China, the Ritual 7'' Silicone Deluxe Nectar Collector is a fine fusion of quality materials, ingenious design, and superior functionality. Stay elevated with Ritual and discover the ultimate way to enjoy your favourite concentrates!
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